The Polimat® glass drier is the real alternative to dish cloths !

The conventional methods of drying and polishing glasses that have been carefuly washed, requires a lot of time and effort. Glass interiors, edges and feet cause problems, and delicate thin glasses occasionaly break. However, after washing your glasses, automaticly or by hand, the Polimat® will polish-dry the freshly rinsed damp glass in 10 to 15 seconds.
The Polimat® can be placed in a second dry sink (30 x 50 or 40 x 40 cm).Or, alternativly, may be placed on the bar, work area, underneath the glass racks, wherever it´s most convienient. Upright or on it´s side - you´ll find the right place for the Polimat® glass drier.
The practical and uncomplicated way to work!
Five rotating polishing elements with velvet-soft, absorbing natural fibres, will fit to practically all the various forms of glasses there are. The damp glass goes onto the interior polishing element and then held in place. Glass interior and bottom get completely polish dried.
The glass exterior will simultaneously be dried due to the four outer polishing elements. Wether glass mug, tulip, or stem-glass, the Polimat can deal with all of them. Broken and fractured glasses are a thing of the past!


See detailed presentation :

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